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About Ps Joe & Lynda


Joe and Lynda Armstrong are the founding Pastors of Living Success Christian Centre Incorporated, formed originally in NSW Australia in 2003. 

As graduates of the Seed of Faith College of Ministry, pastors Joe and Lynda are licensed ministers. Both have completed church planting courses with Bethel Christian Institute (California), and both are Ordained Ministers with Bethel Christian Centre, Riverside, California – Dr Ron Halvorson’s founding ministry and leadership. 

In 1991 pastor Joe and Lynda were married. They have been happily married all these years, raising four beautiful daughters in New South Wales, Australia. 

Ministry Involvement

Joe and Lynda both diligently served in their respective churches prior to their marriage. Joe served in a variety of ministry of helps roles whilst Lynda was concentrating her efforts in music ministry, youth and children’s church.

Pastors Joe and Lynda worked as Associate Pastors and Caretaker Pastors for over five years until the establishment and pastoring of Living Success Christian Centre Incorporated in June 2003. Until June 2018, Living Success Christian Centre Inc. provided weekly public Church Services, midweek gatherings, children's church, and youth meetings. Across a 14-year period, Pastor Joe also hosted 62 Conference type weekend gatherings (Bible College, Bible Bootcamps, and Conferences), as the keynote speaker, in four states across Australia, preaching and teaching God's Word for 10+ hours every conference weekend.

Ps Joe's teaching involves educating and training believers in the Body of Christ for a lifetime of productivity and pleasing service to our Lord Jesus Christ via the integration of scriptural knowledge, stewardship, and excellence with practical hands-on how-to's. 

Ps Joe and Ps Lynda have both held key and senior positions in their chosen/current fields of employment for many years. Over the years, Pastor Joe has held different Board and Executive positions with several other domestic and international ministries, as well as several Operational and Branch Management positions in secular employment.

In March 2004, Ps Joe established a Bible teaching radio programme in Australia called "Helping You Become." It wasn't long before The Lord dramatically enlarged this radio program’s reach, and it was broadcast all across the world. "Helping You Become" is still distributed both nationally and globally today.

Pastor Lynda has been involved in leading edge educational improvements and has worked closely with a number of excellent Christian and secular organisations including Australian Christian College and Australian Independent Schools, NSW, for a number of years. Pastor Lynda is an accomplished Minister, author and speaker in her own right.

Their Future

Currently residing in Tasmania, Australia, Living Success Christian Centre (LSCC) has undergone a restructuring, whereby Pastor Joe and Lynda are able to use “Helping You Become” to reach a wider audience. 

LSCC’s future includes much increased preaching and teaching, further expansion of their radio broadcast along with podcast distribution and utilisation of many other platforms to bring the truth of Jesus Christ and His delivering and saving power to as many people as possible.