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Be Very Careful

Who wants to be empowered and anointed in the LORD? Is that you? Today we look at the pathway to becoming empowered and anointed in the LORD and together we work through what the scriptures say about how to go about this.

4 Great Questions

We are responsible for creating God’s desired results here on the earth. What an empowering statement! Join us today as we dig through Romans chapters 4, 5, and 6 and uncover how we can be a part of achieving God’s plan in the earth.


Determination. Not a word we hear very often in today’s society. In this sermon we talk about why it is so important to be determined in our walk with the LORD, and what Paul had to say about this character trait of Determination in Philippians 3.

The 4 O's

What does Order have to do with Opportunity? We look at how these two things link together as well as two other important O’s that reveal more of the character of God Himself


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