Part 1

Blurb: What does Order have to do with Opportunity? We look at how these two things link together as well as two other important O’s that reveal more of the character of God Himself.

Scriptures: Genesis 1:1-3, 1 Corinthians 14:40, Isaiah 1:19

Notes: God’s four obsessions. God does things in order. Order creates opportunities.

When we learn the principles of things at an early age, then we can see what needs to happen when we are older. If a child can learn to keep their room in order when they are young, then when they are older they will be able to keep a business in order, a family in order, their own house in order.

Obedience to the LORD. Obedience must come first if you want to “eat the good of the land” mentioned in Isaiah 1:19.

Outcomes. The last one. If you want to have a good outcome, you need to first obey what God has asked us to do, and we can only do what God has given us the opportunity to do, and that will only come if we can have a life that is in order to take up the opportunity that God brings our way.

Part 2

Blurb: We take apart Acts 3:1 and look at the practical aspects of life lived with order, obedience, and the opportunities and outcomes that will flow from all of these things working together in our lives for the glory of God.

Scriptures: Acts 3:1, Isiah 43:1-3

Notes: Order, Opportunity, Obedience, Outcomes.

“Now” - How can we build our now to have a better future? What are you doing in your life now? How much order is in your life now? How much obedience, submission, is in your life now? What opportunities are in your life right now? What things do I need to look at differently? What people do I need to revaluate? Are you actively looking for opportunities? From all of this, there are always outcomes.

The fact that you have something to give, means you can get it again. God might require you to plant a seed and give what you have as you are lead by the LORD.

“Peter” - God knows you by our first name. How well do we know God?

“And” – who are you joined to? How do they live their life? How many of the 4 O’s are flowing well in their life? Be careful and know about who you are connected to.

“went” – direction. What direction are you and your life headed in? Is it a direction that works with order, opportunity, obedience and outcomes? Be specific with where you are going?

“they went up together” – is it an upward direction? Is your direction taking you up?

“together” – are you properly working together with someone and/or the concept of agreement with someone? How much order is in that agreement? Are you obedient to the written down guidelines for this agreement? What opportunities are going to come from this agreement? What is the agreed-upon outcome of working together with someone?